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The Mareda Center is a 501(c)(3)

Programs - Young Children (ages 3-5) who are residents of Moody and Regina Manors

The Mareda Center has programs and activities running in the morning

Monday through Friday from 8:30a.m. - 12:30p.m.  Interested in finding out more? 

Reading Room

The Reading Room helps children ages 3-5 learn through fun, hands-on experiences. Cooperative play, color, letter, and number identification, being kind and showing respect for others off er a strong base from which to build. The children develop a love of learning, a desire to read and an interest in exploring
the world around them.



A safe, fun experience where students will be engaged with hands-on/minds-on math and reading activities. Through team competitions, character education, STEM activities, healthy breakfast and lunch under the guidance of supportive adults, students will grow socially and academically while having FUN!

K-8 After
School Support

Homework assist, tutoring, access to technology, supplies for completing projects, caring/competent supervision all help children excel academically. In partnership with Connecting Kids to Meals, a nutritious meal is part of this program which is must for our Ed Choice students. Transportation is provided.


Transportation &
  • Student transportation to/from school and the after school program

  • Parent transportation to/from school conferences, meetings, programs, special events, medical appointments and more!

  • Reading Room breakfast and lunch

  • GED and after school program snacks

  • Care packages for home

Watch for more...

We are always planning new and exciting programs for YOU!    Have an idea? Always wanted to learn something new? Let us know! info@themaredacenter.org 


Children are required to be pre-registered for programs. 
Call us for an appointment to get your child on our program list!